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tax-beast asked:

I don't think we should have to provide email... set up a 24/7 chat room or somethign where they can reach you, and keep a backup buyer

The only place I can set up a chatroom is Skype, and I’m not comfortable letting people know that username for such a short time. I’ve found that email is the easiest and most reliable way to get ahold adopting users, and it works well for one-shot conversations rather than dealing with the hassle of setting up and maintaining a chatroom.

New Rule re: Villager Adoptions

Due to the failed adoption of Apple, new rules will be put into effect when it comes to adopting villagers from Kentari.

  1. Your ask box must be opened. I cannot follow you and use the fan mail option, because it requires me to follow you for two weeks beforehand. I will be sending a confirmation notice the day before moving day; Be sure to have your ask box open and respond to your confirmation or your adoption will be void.
  2. Please provide any and all methods of contact. Tumblr’s lack of a standalone messaging system makes it very unreliable to maintain contact between users. If you are unable to be reached through Tumblr come moving day, please provide your email at the very least. I must have multiple ways to get ahold of you in order for this adoption to go through successfully.
  3. You have until 7:00 pm Pacific Time to claim your villager. Unless otherwise stated, I will be available all day to allow you into Kentari and speak to the moving villager. Make sure you let me know when you’re ready!
  4. I will not time travel. At all. I’m playing the game the way it’s meant to be played, and whether people like it or not, I refuse to wreak havoc with the clock. I don’t want to risk messing up my town any more than I usually do.
  5. A waitlist will be active. Adoptions are first-come, first-served. However, in the event the first user fails to meet their adoption, the next user in the waitlist will be contacted. It will continue until the adoption is complete.

Adoption notices will be made via acnladopt and reblogged here.

Let’s find good homes for these villagers! Main Street has become too crowded…

The Lotus-Eater Machine

A friend has come under attack by a anon who refuses to leave her alone, claiming she continues to harass another user. Regardless of whether or not this is true, the anon is causing her to break down, threaten to leave Tumblr, or possibly even worse. I urge people who find this post to send words of kindness and love to her. She needs it desperately, before something terrible happens.

And whoever’s hiding behind that anon label: I hope you’re proud of yourself. Spending all of your precious time slandering and hurting good people. Go on, hide behind that screen you coward. One day it’ll be the end of you.

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