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The Problem Drive is out.

Since that one screw still will not come out, I unscrewed the screws that would come out and bend the frame where the tab the problem screw was and snap it off. With that, the dead hard drive is now free from the Alienware.

I had a theory that if that everything else was working, simply removing the hard drive would allow Windows to run setup. My theory was indeed correct; The Solid State Drive I invested in paid off, as setup worked as it should. It’s like a parasite has been removed.

Now it’s just the task of getting the drivers going and buying a brand new hard drive so I can put my files and programs back where they belong. I should be back in business by Wednesday.

Spending $100 sure beats have to spend $1000+ for a whole new system, wouldn’t you agree?

Alienware Update

Been trying to get that hard drive to cooperate, but no matter what I do, it won’t respond. I can’t even wipe it ‘cause none of the setups take me to the volume select step. Even Ubuntu got stuck. That “repair” was anything BUT helpful. I would advise staying as far away from that option as possible. It will more than likely make things worse.

Now I know what you’re thinking: “So if the hard drive’s busted, why not replace it?” That would be a good idea… if one fucking little screw didn’t connect the frame to the board so tight. Seriously, one of the screws on the frame holding the drive in will not come out. At all. All attempts to unscrew it have resulted in a scraped head. No tool will get it out, not alternate screwdriver bits, not pliers, not even an Exact-o knife. Just fucking peachy.

$1600 and one screw connecting a replaceable component won’t leave its spot, basically forcing me to buy a whole new system because the warranty expired. I think it’s safe to say I won’t be looking at Alienware again. Or any Dell system for that matter, even if we do have a bazillion of their power adapters.

Word of advice: if you’re buying a new laptop, buy the multi-year warranty. It’ll save you a hell of a lot of grief if you can just replace it without having to shop for a new one. It’s worth the extra cash.

Come Monday I’ll take the little bastard back to the repair shop and if they can’t get rid of that screw, I’m just getting a new lappy. This is inexcusable.

I am a fucking travesty

Thanks to some sadistic little prick on TF2 getting me banned for using common sense, I bashed my laptop so hard that Windows won’t start. Upon running diagnostics, the hard drive appears to have been damaged. I am attempting to run a repair now, but if this doesn’t work, I’m stuck.

I can’t check the hard drive every time I try to boot a diagnostic tool, the damn thing won’t read the disc I burned. It doesn’t even follow its own rules. It’s the same thing that happened to me in my network server course. Seriously Microsoft, why?

I royally fucked up. All because of a stupid game. Go to hell Valve servers. And fuck my entire existence.

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